Bitcoin Coin Sweeper - Redeem any multisig or dust output (instructions) block count: server maintenance - results may not be accurate could not establish connection!
Please note, the service is no longer available. This project has served very well, but lost it's purpose, given that it is no longer economic to redeem dust-ish outputs, it costs more to retrieve the dust. Feel free to reach out to, if you like to chat!
Let's assume you are a Mastercoin or Counterparty user: Over time a lot of small outputs like this or this are created due to the nature of MSC and XCP transactions. Unfortunally these coins are not spendable by most wallets out of the box and it appears as if those tiny amounts are simply subtracted from your balance and gone, but this is where this tool comes into play: it helps to locate any unspent output and prepares a raw transaction which collects and combines all dust.

A filter is set and only outputs with a value between {{ minamount }} BTC and {{ maxamount }} BTC are included.

No unspent outputs found.

# Hash Vout Amount Type Confirmations  

Sign and broadcast this hex string to redeem the unspent outputs:


This transaction transfers Bitcoin to with an attached fee of Bitcoin ( BTC per KB).

The combined output amount is below the dust threshold. Please add more unspent outputs, if you like to redeem your dust.